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Forte_ Digital is a new consultancy. We are a group of experienced technologists with a strong business oriented focus. We work with the best agencies in the sphere of design and user experience while we focus on technology to provide our clients with the best quality. We believe from our own experience that a strong competence in technology guarantees the best solutions that work over time. Our main focus is to deliver the highest technical quality possible, and work together with clients that are or want to be digital winners.

  • Web development

    Web development

    We built modern web solutions and mobile apps. Service oriented and/or based on proven 3rd party platforms. We are experts in front-end, back-end and integrations.

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  • E-commerce


    E-commerce solutions today must be personal, relevant and value-added for the customers and flexible for you. We built them with a use of proven e-commerce platforms, always prioritizing the value it creates to our clients.

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  • Service platforms

    Service platforms

    Design and develop digital services right by releasing, valuing and innovating based on existing data and new capabilities in technology such as AI, machine learning and big data analysis.

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Meet our consultants

We’re happy to present some of our growing team of consultants. We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused and motivated. These guys below are our creative explorers.

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In all our deliveries we solve challenges and trigger opportunities that are well-known, but more and more, we are building a future that is not always as easy to understand and prepare for. Together with our customers, we are building digital business components that provide high flexibility no matter what may come.

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