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Volvat 1

The assignment

Since its inception 30 years ago, Volvat has expanded its service offering and opened new locations. A digital presence that provides customers with adequate information about the services they offer and the opportunity to book a consultation when needed, are vital for Volvat.

Throughout the communication with customers, Volvat has primarily relied on mail and telephone to ensure the flow of information. With this, the company saw a specific need to change in order to facilitate processing time and create a better customer experience.

Assignment from Volvat:

  • Further develop and change the order amount with sufficient information for potential patients and other stakeholders.
  • Develop a better structure around how to access necessary documents.

Technology and deliverables

Volvat 2


Forte_ Digital has had the role as Volvat’s digital partner, where the company has been responsible for the overall technical implementation and continuous improvement of the various solutions.

Forte_ Digital has developed and implemented a new solution based on Episerver DXC. With an all-in-one solution, Volvat has a more secure and stable operation while having product support, when needed. The website is integrated with their patient and medical record system Dips, which makes it convenient for patients to find available hours and book directly online.

A new insurance portal has also been developed that provides effective access to documents for business customers. This is crucial for Volvat, since it enhances the customer care process – the overall customer experience and provide better flow of information. The insurance portal uses BankID and consists of a solution for both caretakers and customers.

Success factors

The role as digital partner: Forte_ Digital has had a role where the desire has been to contribute with value-creation in already identified areas, while looking at new focus areas and further development of business systems. The company has extensive experience with Episerver DXC, which has resulted in a better understanding regarding layout and functionalities that can be implemented on both the insurance portal and

Close and continuous dialogue: There has been considerable and continuous contact with the use of communication tools, where Forte_ Digital has had the opportunity to provide updates and advice for potential development initiatives. This has contributed to rapid and effective implementation across various initiatives and aspirations from Volvat.

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