Enterprise architecture and technical advisory

OBOS IT, commissioned by OBOS Property Management, needed assistance for a technical evaluation of a new system for managing more than 200,000 homes across the country.


New business management system was part of the OBOS Group's ERP project - Introduction of a new ERP system in the EMOS.

The desired outcome of a new system was:

  • More efficient processes
  • Increased probability of maintaining or improving profitability and customer satisfaction

The technical architecture of the system should be as simple as possible to avoid unnecessary complexity and thus unnecessary costs for integration, maintenance, etc. Integrations with a variety of other internal and external systems were an important part of the future target image.

The technical architecture should also support the functionality needed to drive the most forward-looking management, and support the needs that emerge over the next 10 years.


Our delivery

Forte_'s delivery was a report with a thorough evaluation of the two options that remained in the final round after an internal evaluation process at OBOS.

The report covered, among other things:

  • Technical assessment of the two systems against 15 different evaluation criteria such as architecture, the possibilities for integration, how the systems supported data migration, search functionality, performance, security, tailor-made needs, etc.
  • Enterprise architecture, assessing the two solutions to address OBOS business objectives and strategy, and assessing the following business benefits: more efficient business processes, more efficient IT processes, better return on existing investments, and reduced risk of future investments.
  • The organizational consequences of the two systems.


We conducted several meetings with the two suppliers remaining in the final round. We made technical evaluations based on these meetings, in addition to received documentation, answers to follow-up questions and interviews with references. We also got demonstrated the existing solution and the two new options.

Several in-depth interviews were also conducted by EMOS staff, both functional and technical.

Involved consultants from Forte Digital

John Kårikstad, Managing Partner and Technology Advisor