The role as Norway’s leading theatre

National Theatre 1

The assignment

Nationaltheatret has great ambitions to be the country's best theatre. Each year, over 50 productions are performed, around 1,000 performances with over 200,000 visitors. In order to secure the artistic production and its market position, Nationaltheatret is fully dependent on good audience figures and high revenues. Here, the website is a key sales channel for the theater, and it is important that it is accessible and user-friendly at all times.

Aspirations from Nationaltheatret:

  • To further develop the website to offer a user-friendly service that improves information flow and flexibility in booking tickets
  • Make it possible to continuously improve existing services and develop new ones to increase market position and further growth

Technologies and deliverables

  • Forte_ Digital has used the following to develop the applications: .NET, Episerver and React, running in Azure Cloud, integrated with Tessitura and Bambora
  • Website:

National Theatre 2


Nationaltheatret has an important place in Norwegian history. Forte_ Digital has helped to optimize the interaction between Episerver, Tessitura and the audience. This is essential for a great customer experience with neat user interface. Here, the priorities have been given to system reliability and overall quality.

Throughout 2019, we have focused specifically on improving the purchasing process for performances and other events from Nationaltheatret. This has resulted in a significant increase in sales compared to last year and has been a great success.

Forte_ Digital have also worked on an internal tool that provides flexibility and accessibility for products that were previously unreachable. This configuration tool has improved the overall efficiency for theater employees.

National Theatre 3

Success factors

Optimizing customer journey: Since Nationaltheatret as Norway's leading theater is dependent on good audience figures and revenue, it is important to work with an optimal customer journey. The focus here has been to build an innovative and customer-oriented platform. This will help to convert people that are interested to visit the theater, while ensuring that they attain a seamless and user-friendly experience.

A holistic system: Forte_ Digital has worked to ensure an efficient infrastructure where services and solutions can be made available, and to ensure an effective sales channel with a focus on buying tickets, content production and strong customer experience.

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