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When Norway became a free nation with its own constitution, it was also decided that the National Theater should be built as the whole nation's theater scene. It should be in the middle of the heart of the nation - between castle, university and town hall. This building - and its business - is important for the entire country's identity.

The National Theater has great ambitions to be the country's leading theater. They carry over 50 productions, with nearly 1,000 performances, with over 200,000 visits a year. In order to ensure the artistic production and its position in the market, the National Theater is dependent on high public figures and increased own revenues. is one of the most important sales channels for the National Theater.


The websites are one of the most important sales channels for the National Theater and it is important that the website is available and works at all times. In addition to safeguarding and overall value increase of the website, it is still introducing new functionality that gives the audience a better experience.

Forte_ further develops an effective tool for optimizing the interaction between Episerver, Tessitura and the contact with the audience.



To adapt to pace and adjustments as a dynamic and proactive theater, we work with the highest priority tasks, also known as Kanban. Zbigniew is the lead architect and communicates daily with the team from the National Theater.

Consultants involved from Forte_

Elisabeth Aanestad, Senior Delivery Manager
Zbigniew Winiarski, Senior Developer
Jo Krokengen, Senior Developer
Kamila Jarosz, Lead UX designer

Photographer of the pictures of the theater: Gisle Bjørneby