'Different and Better' with Flokk

Sustainability, quality and design

Flokk is a Norwegian group that is a leading manufacturer of quality furniture for workplaces. They are market leaders in Europe and are proud owners of well-known brands such as HÅG, RH, Giroflex, BMA, Offecct, RBM, Malmstolen and Profim. They are approximately 2,500 employees who jointly work to realize the vision of the company's vision: Inspire great work.

Flokk works interdisciplinary and with a deep understanding of human needs as they develop their products. All products are designed and manufactured with a view to minimize environmental impact while maintaining a long service life. Read more at www.flokk.com


Over the years Flokk has optimized for speed and precision of processes in production, logistics and design and, like many others, has focused on a digital future. In recent years, they have strengthened their expertise in the digital field. The furniture industry like many others undergoes a big change.

Forte_ Digital has the pleasure of helping to ensure that Flokk builds a solid digital service platform that supports both internal and external innovation, giving business flexibility to test out opportunities that are revealed.

The expected outcome is, among other things:

  • Possibility of utilizing data from business systems in own digital channels.
  • Be able to utilize digital services to streamline, enhance quality or offer new opportunities internally and externally.



We work iteratively with 2 weeks sprints where deliveries are based on prioritized tasks from a product backlog. Together with Flokk, we detail and make necessary clarifications of requirements and opportunities that appear along the way. One goal is to not let "the plan stand in the way of what's right to do" and everyone in the team challenges one another to ensure we deliver the highest value first. The team is working at a fixed rate and capacity with skilled architects, product specialists and front-end developers from the Krakow office.