New E-commerce solution to facilitate sustainability, quality and design

Flokk is a Norwegian company established in 2007 which has become a prominent manufacturer of quality furniture to the workplace. Flokk has expanded to various subsidiaries including HÅG, RH, RBM and BMA, and the customer list contains both national and international clients. Today, the company has around 2300 employees across 15 sales locations who are all working towards realizing the vision of the company: Inspire great work.






UX Design
UI Design
Design research
Development and architecture
Product development


CMS Service Platform

The assignment

Flokk works multidisciplinary with an in-depth knowledge about humans’ preferences when designing their products. All products are developed with minimal influence on the environment, while having great quality and long lifespan.

The company has had over several years a focus on lean and agile processes within production, logistics and design, resulting in overall growth and progress. With this, most of all processes are becoming increasingly digitized. As a result, the focus has been towards a more digital future, where the furniture industry will potentially face both great shifts and challenges. Flokk has been clear from the beginning about how important this is, as the entire organization needs to be agile, dynamic and flexible.

Assignment from Flokk:

  • Find ways to structure and utilize data from different business units in a robust and productive manner.
  • Take advantage of digital advancements in order to become more effective, provide higher quality and grasp increased innovation across the entire organization both internally and externally.

Technology and deliverables

Technology stack: Virto Commerce, Hubspot.


Forte Digital has developed a tool that is called: The configurator. Its primary objective is to tackle the complex product-offering structure from Flokk, where individuals can easily design a product based on his/her preferences. This is an all-in-one process which simplifies the overall experience for designers, architects and the end-customer. With millions of potential configurations, it has been crucial for Flokk to have this sorted out and structured in an effective manner. The company has incorporated the tool to their current architecture, resulting in an effective framework which acts as a competitive advantage.

Today, a configuration code is generated as an outcome based on each customer's preferences. During the development process, it became evident about the advantages to integrate with Flokk's ERP system to effectively deal with the communication between Flokk and their customers. This has improved the entire customer journey and made the ordering process more efficient and reliable.

Success Factors

Design-oriented process: Design is one out of four main pillars at Flokk, which made a design-oriented process essential for this solution. The focus has primarily targeted convenience and appeal in order to ensure that the products are consistently presentable. This work has had a clear alignment with the configurator, since it targets the underlying identity of the company.

Enhance the connection between stages: For a company like Flokk with numerous products across different international markets, an effective connection between the different stages in the value chain is vital. Forte Digital has worked intensively to link all components together in an effective and robust fashion, in order to facilitate development and scalability. This has provided ways for Flokk to structure and utilize data from numerous sources while having an efficient structure.