Forte Digital launches Forte Advice with Danish heavyweights

Earlier this year, it became headlines that Forte Digital is bringing its success to Germany. Now we are continuing our internationalization with a new venture in Denmark together with the consulting company Advice. The goal is to create a European network with the best digital competence.

– Internationalization has been part of Forte Digital's plans ever since the company was started back in 2017. The aim is to recreate the success we have had in Norway in the Danish market. Advice is really a heavyweight and an established brand in Denmark, and is a perfect match for us, says Forte founder and managing director John Kårikstad.

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Together with Forte Digital, Advice will separate its digital unit into a new company, with a 50/50 ownership. The company has been named Forte Advice and will be developed into a fully integrated supplier of technology, design and strategic advice.


Complementary competence

– Advice has a strong position in Denmark and an existing digital business with great potential. Forte Digital comes with deep technological expertise and a delivery model that matches ours. They have a unique approach to clients and a heavy technology environment across Oslo, Krakow and Berlin, says Klink.

Mille Klink

Kårikstad says that Forte Digital aims to create a European network consisting of the best people in technology, design and strategy. At the same time, he points out that Denmark, like Norway, has a deficit in technology competence.

– We have complementary expertise across the companies. I am sure that this expansion will also help to create good synergies across Norway, Poland, Germany and Denmark - and that this will benefit the clients and our employees. Access to technology expertise in Poland has been decisive for the success we have had in Norway. I am confident that this set-up will also be a catalyst for growth and profitability in Denmark, says Kårikstad.