Manager Château de Buros

Chateau France

Do you have a dream of working and living at a beautiful castle in southern France?

Forte Digital AS acquired Château de Buros in 2021 and Forte employees, with family and friends, can come on a visit for work, pleasure or a combination. It has proven to be an amazing place for relaxing and for team building. The Castle has 19 double rooms and 2 suites.

We have a small team of 3 employees that have different areas of responsibility (administration/food offerings, outdoor area and cleaning/housekeeping). In addition to this we need a new person to cover the following main responsibilities:

  • Budgeting (update the running costs and create budget for purchase and renovation projects)
  • Accounting (gather all the invoices and receipts and send monthly to the accountant) for all accounts (Castle, SCI and Chambre)
  • Keep track and pay incoming invoices
  • Create outgoing invoices (from Chambre to Forte Digital or any other business unit in Germany, Denmark or Poland)
  • Close dialogue with CFO regarding economy and CEO for priorities
  • Close follow up on small and big renovation projects
  • Dialogue with Forte employees for bookings and planning of guests/groups coming
  • Use Survey Monkey to gather necessary information for planning purposes and also to gather insight from the guests. Analyze the responses from the guests and suggest/follow up on measures for improvement
  • Keep a track of tasks and priorities for the whole team
  • Further develop and improve the routines together with the team
  • Welcoming guests and groups when they arrive


The Chateau is situated in the south-west, between Bordeaux and Toulouse (a bit south-west), next to a small village called Gabarret.

  • We are looking for a person who is:
    • Fluently in French and English
    • Very flexible and open minded, both when it comes to working hours and tasks
    • Able to adjust when necessary
    • Social and like to meet a lot of different people
    • A good communicator
    • Comfortable with living where you are working
    • Comfortable with working more hours in high seasons and less hours in low season

It is an advantage if you have experience with service-related work (restaurant, bar or similar), but is not a requirement. It is also an advantage if you have a long perspective in mind and want to stay in France for a longer period.

The team is working very closely together, and it is necessary to have a transparent dialogue within the team.

If you find the opportunity interesting and would like to know more we are eager to hear from you.

Please send letter of motivation and CV to Elisabeth on and we will be in touch.

We are looking for candidates that can start as soon as possible.