We help ambitious clients succeed with their digital business

Who we are

Forte_ Digital is an innovative digital consultancy. We are a group of experienced developers and consultants with a strong business-oriented focus. We work with the best agencies in the sphere of design and user experience, while we focus on technology to provide our clients with the best quality. Our belief, based on many years of experience, is that a strong competence in technology guarantees the best long-term solutions. Our main focus is to deliver the highest technical quality possible and work together with clients that are or want to be digital winners.

"Forte" means "someone's most highly developed skill or talent". We took this name because technology is our forte.

While we are a new company, we have very experienced employees coming from some of the leading software companies in Norway and Poland. Together we are ambitious about our future, and we have already received a very warm response from the market.

We have offices in both Oslo and Krakow where we are seeking the best architects and developers to join our team of experts — experts who share our ambitions and focus on quality. We have solid owners behind our company, in addition to the ownership shared by employees in both Krakow and Oslo.

Forte_ Digital offers consulting services to build digital solutions in frontend, backend, advisory and architecture. Our consultants have an abundance of experience and keep their competencies up to date. We focus heavily on competency development, because our employees are the most valuable part of our company. Our ambition is to build a company where the best technologists will strive to work; a company where tech people can focus on strengthening their skills and delivering state-of-the-art solutions to our clients.

Thomas Jo Hackathon

Our company culture encourages employees to express opinions - both internally and with our clients. We do not just want to deliver the best code quality, we want to be good advisors for our clients. If something should be done in a different way, you can be confident that we will discuss it with you. As our client, you can be sure that we will always be on top of things while delivering to the best of our abilities.

Meet our consultants

We’re happy to present some of our growing team of consultants. We use everything within our reach to keep each other focused and motivated. These guys below are our creative explorers.