Service platforms

Design and develop digital services right by releasing, valuing and innovating based on existing data and new capabilities in technology such as AI, machine learning and big data analysis.

Modern architecture gives you business flexibility

Market communication, web and mobile solutions, business systems, internal and external innovation are all driven by the opportunities the technology gives us.

Customers want the relevance and perceived value of the digital services you offer. Your employees want to focus on value creation. Companies need more than ever to focus on their unique know-how while building strategic partnerships.

At Forte_ Digital we help our clients build a digital architecture and digital solutions that are flexible, scalable, secure and solid. We build products and services based on Azure, Elasticsearch and a large toolbox adapted to different needs. Our delivery focus (DevOps) ensures the frequent launch of new and improved functionality, allowing you to focus on your core business.

  • Strategy


    Companies have invested in digital solutions to support business needs over several years. Over the years, valuable insights and experience in own organization, and knowledge about their customers have also been accumulated and a corporate culture and own processes have been built.

    If you are able to make this data available, it will, in combination with your company's knowledge and culture, provide many new business opportunities.

    A platform strategy ensures you a modern architecture that extracts and enriches the value of existing business systems.

  • Delivery


    Deliveries of digital services and software relate to ever-increasing demands from market leadership while technology and platform vendors like Microsoft, Google and Amazon change at high speed. It is more important than ever to ensure that you have a process that ensures that you meet the needs of the market and the customers while having a delivery process that ensures that validated findings can be delivered to the market quickly.

    At Forte_ Digital we work in multidisciplinary teams and with processes that support short paths from a need until it is validated. We are well-known and experienced in using Lean UX principles that are optimized to ensure quick feedback from end users. We have an extensive experience in what is now embraced by DevOps, ensuring quality and safety from development to operation through automation of repetitive tasks, monitoring of solutions and frequent releases.

    We use SCRUM and Kanban to ensure transparency, good priorities and involvement along the way in the delivery process. A digital solution is never done, but it is more likely to have more intense phases in periods. Lean UX, DevOps and SCRUM/Kanban work well in all life-cycle stages of a digital solution or digital ecosystem.

  • Architecture


    A modern architecture supports market, business and customer needs, all of which change with ever increasing speed. Enterprises today must focus on their unique value and ensure that they have a digital architecture that is modular, scalable, solid and secure. A proper architecture allows integrating data from existing business systems as well as sharing them with strategic partners. It also is an enabler for digital products and services for end users, own organization and partners.

    • Microservices and Evolutionary Architecture
    • Cloud-based
    • Proven 3rd-party platforms and services
    • Smart use of modern technologies

  • Cloud-based for scalability

    Cloud-based for scalability

    We use Microsoft Azure to ensure scalable and flexible solutions. This provides a unique opportunity to test new business opportunities, analyze large amounts of data or turn on some extra power to ensure that solutions can withstand traffic. Azure also has a large toolbox that ensures that you can focus on business needs when developing new solutions.

  • AI and Machine Learning

    AI and Machine Learning

    Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI) will within a few years be a natural part of our everyday lives. Computers can interpret data much faster than we, humans. Recognizing patterns in large amounts of data and performing an action based on it will provide great opportunities for anyone who delivers digital solutions to customers.

    At Forte_ Digital we research and experiment with solutions in these fields. We are looking for the new ways digital products and services we built for our clients can be event more relevant and personalized to their customers needs.

  • Security and GDPR

    Security and GDPR

    Security and GDPR are important in terms of storage and utilization of data. An integration layer that helps companies provide data that they have stored about their users will help to be perceived as a serious player of their customers.

  • capability.Title


    E-commerce solutions today must be personal, relevant and value-added for the customers and flexible for you. We built them with a use of proven e-commerce platforms, always prioritizing the value it creates to our clients.

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    Web development

    We built modern web solutions and mobile apps. Service oriented and/or based on proven 3rd party platforms. We are experts in front-end, back-end and integrations.

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