E-commerce solutions today must be personal, relevant and value-added for the customers and flexible for you. We built them with a use of proven e-commerce platforms, always prioritizing the value it creates to our clients.

Focus on conversion

Our focus is to build online stores with the highest possible conversion rate. To achieve this, we believe in relevance and personalization.

In modern online shopping experience it should be easy to find exactly the products they are interested in, that it should be easy to order and that the communication afterwards is personal and relevant. The webshop must be customized to every customer, not like in a physical store where everything is similar to everyone.

It's about knowing the customers, knowing what each customer is interested in and going to buy. This is achieved through a use of customer data and machine learning to analyze trends and purchase history, combine different data, and find the interests of a single customer and products that fit them. Then we can also create an online store tailored to each customer.

We help our customers succeed in e-commerce. We use our long experience from previous projects, find the factors needed to succeed for each customer, and build a solid technical solution. We always recommend starting easy to learn so that further investments provide the most effect and highest conversion.

Forte_ Digital can assist with the entire process, from insight and concept development to UX/design, development and continuous improvement of the online store when it is in operation.

  • Episerver Commerce

    Episerver Commerce

    Episerver Commerce is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the market. Consultants at Forte_ Digital have long experience with Episerver and delivered several e-commerce solutions. A big strength with Episerver is the integration between Episerver Commerce, CMS and Campaign. This combination makes it possible to combine products with stories and product descriptions, and run campaigns and marketing through Episerver Campaign. More information at www.episerver.no

  • Virto Commerce

    Virto Commerce

    Virto Commerce is a 100% cloud based e-commerce platform. Virto is a flexible and powerful solution and has a modern API that enables us as a partner to develop online stores tailored to every customer and their clients. Virto has all the functionality needed to build a forward-looking online store, with the ability to scale based on performance and traffic requirements. More information at https://virtocommerce.com/

  • Online payment

    Online payment

    We offer different types of online payment solutions, and implement the solutions that are required. Klarna is a provider that offers different payment options, including multiple types of payment cards and payment by invoice. Stripe is also a solution that many use, which also offers payment with different types of payment cards. Vipps is becoming more and more popular as a payment solution in online stores, making it very easy for customers to pay for their purchases. Forte_ Digital recommends the solution that best fits in each case

  • Integrations


    Integrations are always important in an e-commerce solution. The products are often retrieved from, for example, an ERP solution, and orders must be integrated with ERP or other systems and further processing. At Forte_ Digital We have long experience of developing such integrations. Often we develop a separate integration layer between the internal systems and the online store as part of a digital service platform.

  • PIM - product enrichment

    PIM - product enrichment

    Often our customers choose to apply their own solution for product enrichment. Such PIM solutions make it easier to enter product data, either through integrations or manually. This may be information about sizes, colors, etc., pictures, videos and more that enrich the description of a product. InRiver PIM is an example of such a solution. At Forte_ Digital we help to choose PIM solution and integrate this into your e-commerce solution.

  • Product Visualisation

    Product Visualisation

    High quality product visualization engages your audience and increases the conversion across your digital channels. Today buyers want to experience the product and have a digital touch before they make a purchasing decision. We provide a complete package of product visualization services Read more

  • capability.Title

    Service platforms

    Design and develop digital services right by releasing, valuing and innovating based on existing data and new capabilities in technology such as AI, machine learning and big data analysis.

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  • capability.Title

    Web development

    We built modern web solutions and mobile apps. Service oriented and/or based on proven 3rd party platforms. We are experts in front-end, back-end and integrations.

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