Web development

We built modern web solutions and mobile apps. Service oriented and/or based on proven 3rd party platforms. We are experts in front-end, back-end and integrations.

Web development

We build digital solutions for web and mobile applications. Our group of accomplished consultants has experience working with well-known Scandinavian brands as well as international clients.

We work with a broad range of different solutions from web-based line of business applications, websites based on CMS solutions, e-commerce solutions, and mobile apps. Most of our solutions are more complex and are business-critical for our clients. Our priority is to drive more business to you.

Our clients can hire individual consultants or a whole team of consultants, including project management.

We have consultants specialized in both frontend and backend, as well as full-stack consultants that are proficient in both. Many of our consultants are well seasoned with more than 10 years of experience and our in-tune focus on competence development ensures that consultants are constantly updated and in tune with their fields of expertise. This allows us to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients.

We develop service-oriented solutions where most of the content is based on integration with other systems. In many projects we also utilize a CMS solution or an e-commerce solutions as part of the overall solution we deliver. We have experts in different areas and always propose a solution that we see will fit best for our clients' needs.

  • Episerver


    Forte_ Digital is Episerver Partner and has delivered many solutions based on Episerver CMS/DXC Services. In 2017 we were named "Ascender of the Year" by Episerver. We have delivered everything from content-driven web solutions where Episerver is the main component of the solution, to larger digital ecosystems where Episerver is only a part of a larger architecture. We have certified Episerver developers and architects in Oslo and Krakow. More information at http://www.episerver.com

  • Headless CMS

    Headless CMS

    Forte_ Digital provides solutions based on so-called "headless" CMS platforms. A headless CMS is basically a content storage with an editorial interface and an API that exposes the content. Such solutions fit well when an editorial content is used in several different types of digital channels (e.g. mobile and web). We have an experience with with platforms like Contentful (www.contentful.com) and Prismic (prismic.io)

  • Mobile development

    Mobile development

    We deliver native mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as responsive web solutions that are also customizable on mobile devices. We also apply the most recent approaches like PWA (Progressive Web Apps), where a web solution can also behave like a native app on a phone.

  • Technologies


    We develop our solutions on the modern technology stack such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Node.js, ASP.NET/C# and others. We use cloud technology in most of our projects and have delivered many solutions based on Microsoft Azure. You also have an experience with Google Cloud and AWS.

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    Service platforms

    Design and develop digital services right by releasing, valuing and innovating based on existing data and new capabilities in technology such as AI, machine learning and big data analysis.

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    E-commerce solutions today must be personal, relevant and value-added for the customers and flexible for you. We built them with a use of proven e-commerce platforms, always prioritizing the value it creates to our clients.

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