We offer rich technology competencies in order to create digital concepts and solutions. We are working with architecture, front end, .NET and integrations, big data, machine learning and AI.


We are building great customer experiences based on customer needs and preferences. We have designers with various backgrounds from UX – interaction, service and graphic design.


We are presenting advice to our customers based on analyses and insights in data regarding new digital concepts, business development linked to digitalisation, and building roadmaps together with our customers.

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Our areas of expertise

  • Web development

    Development of web solutions and mobile apps. Service-oriented and based on CMS and/or e-commerce solutions. Experts in front-end, back-end and various integrations. We can also deliver different types of CMS when needed, like Episerver or so-called "headless" versions like Contentful, Prismic et al.

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  • E-commerce

    E-commerce solutions today must be personalized, relevant and value-adding for the customers and flexible for the merchant. We build them with a stack of proven e-commerce technologies, always prioritizing value towards our clients.

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  • Service platforms

    Design and develop digital services right by releasing, valuing and innovating based on existing data and new capabilities in technology such as AI, machine learning and big data analysis.

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We are working in multidisciplinary teams, which is primarily based on a service platform that is building more personalised services by utilising data more effectively.

John Kårikstad CEO

Some of the projects we are working on

We have currently tons of exciting stuff happening, and together with our customers, we are building digital business components that provides high flexibility regardless of future events.