Business Design

At Forte Digital, our goal is to help you identify new and valuable opportunities through the use of tools and methods from business design. By leveraging our expertise, we can develop innovative products, services, and business models that create significant value for your organization.

Our approach combines strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, and a user-centric mindset to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs and drive growth.

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Our team of business designers are adept at combining strategic and analytical tools from business development with methods and mindsets from design to creatively solve problems. Their expertise makes them well-equipped to identify opportunities for innovation, growth, and new revenue streams in a practical and iterative manner.

We prioritize the needs and challenges of our users, continuously gaining insight and modeling, testing, and validating new value propositions and business models using data-driven decision making. By collaborating closely with our clients, we aim to explore, identify, and assess valuable investment opportunities for scaling and growth in the market.

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We offer:

  • Growth in new target groups: We explore, identify, test and validate value propositions that reach new target groups
  • New services and products: We help you to explore, concretize, test and validate business ideas, so that they can be taken to the market
  • New markets: We explore and identify opportunities to enter a new category or market
  • New business model: We help you identify opportunities for new business models or new revenue streams
  • Future scenario: Based on trends, drivers and societal factors, we explore and identify opportunities for future value creation and positioning - 10-year horizon

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