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We are looking for a designer who would join Forte Experience - our professional environment for design. We are a group of talented designers from a wide range of different design disciplines, and we want to build a huger team.

Who we are

In the summer of 2017, a small group of experienced technologists decided to start a slightly different consulting company. Today, it has become an interdisciplinary competence house with 140 experts who work every day to help our customers succeed digitally. We focus on being professional, knowledge sharing, creativity, innovation and community.

Who are you

You are an experienced UX Designer who thrives best when you work with complex issues and turn them into understandable, intuitive and valuable digital services that meet user needs. You are able to zoom out to ensure the overall picture, but you also like to go into details of the design of functional concepts, the detailing and validation of them.

You are well trained in the implementation of insight processes and you work methodically to identify target groups and needs. You can and like to work hypothesis-driven with product development. You have a good understanding of methods and are confident as a facilitator and you like it best when you get to work with others in interdisciplinary product development teams. At the same time, you are self-driven and independent, and you dare to challenge the customer when you think it's right. You can use various tools such as Figma or Sketch, have good knowledge of and use of design systems and appreciate the value they provide.

You are experienced and confident in the implementation of insight processes and the analysis of them, both qualitative and quantitative surveys. You are able to compile findings at the same time as you are strong in visualizing how the customer journey should be, to ensure good and relevant experiences for the user in their encounter with the digital services we help our customers to succeed with.

At Forte_Digital, we are keen to share knowledge and experiences with each other, something we also want you to be keen on. Not only are you the competent and safe UX Designer out there with our customers, but you are also the one who actively contributes to building Forte Digital further with us.

What we offer

  • Strong professional environment
  • Great opportunities for development, including through professional groups, a dedicated time each month for self-study, Forte Academy, Hackathons and knowledge sharing between design and technology
  • High focus on social well-being and social meeting places. Annual trips and events.
  • Exciting projects for ambitious customers. In addition, we have our own incubator with start-ups, as well as various collaborations and initiatives.
  • A flexible and modern workplace, well adapted to new work methods and remote project work.
  • Many benefits, including leave schemes, favorable insurance and pension terms, offers of shares, paid overtime and 6 weeks holiday.
  • Good opportunities to visit our office in Krakow and take some working days there.
  • Great possibilities for people to contribute and help to create their own dream workplace.

Would you like to apply?

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