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Participating in building something from scratch is fun, and being able to do it in a project with a customer and in a separate side project in Forte Incubator is even more fun! We now need even more experienced architects who have experience in delivering business-critical and complex solutions.

Your role at Forte Digital

As an architect at Forte Digital, you will be our technical spearhead in deliveries to our customers. You will take the lead in technical discussions and be an advisor to both our customers and your colleagues. You will also be a role model internally with your technical competence and actively contribute with knowledge sharing in the professional environment.

Who are we

In the summer of 2017, a small group of experienced consultants decided to start a slightly different consulting company. It has been an adventure from day one. What at the time started as a small group of technologists, is today an interdisciplinary house of expertise with 140 experts who work every day to help our customers succeed digitally.

At Forte Digital, we are concerned with professional development, knowledge sharing, creativity, innovation and community. These values are just as important in our customer projects as they are internally in the company. We are always concerned with developing ourselves and are open to new ways of thinking, new ideas and that new knowledge will emerge. We are Forte Digital and we are experts in technology, design and business development.

Who are you

You have relevant education and extensive technical experience with various cloud services and know how we can best set up development processes based on DevOps and continuous deliveries.

You are not locked into a specific cloud service, and believe in the idea that "we should technically know what we do not use, to know why we use what we use". Furthermore, you thrive best in an environment where requirements are set for knowledge sharing across professional environments.

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