Mahoom - the home dream

Enriched services for showcasing your home

There is a great interest in housing in Norway, and Norwegians invest a lot of time and money in their homes. We live in a cold part of the world, and it's natural that we turn our eyes to our homes when it's dark and cold outside.

Forte_ has implemented a first version of the concept designed by Netlife Design and further development and provided an advisory in implementing a new profile and new functionality.

Our delivery
In the first phase, the goal was to test and validate if there is a need for a social media focusing on your home. There was a good feedback and the application was further developed with a new profile, stronger focus on the social aspect and a lot of new functionality requested by the users after the end of the test period.

Forte_ has been advising on the choice of technology and implementation partner and worked closely with entrepreneur, Frode Bjørnevik. We have also contributed in detailing and improvements in design.

Solution for Mahoom is developed as a Single Page Application (SPA), and React stack: React, Redux Css Modules and an in-house development tool called Querier ( are used to handle data. Backend technology is .NET Core application with integrations with Azure Search, Cloudinary and Facebook Login.

We have worked iteratively based on a well-defined backlog. The team was based in our Krakow's office and status meetings and daily dialogue has taken place on slack channel.