A summary of 2022 - so far

Forte Digital
In June, we celebrate five years as a company. Since our inception in the summer of 2017, we have become more than 250 technologists, designers and consultants who every day work to help our clients with scaling and growth through digital success. This makes me proud. Now we are looking forward to a busy autumn with many new people and several exciting projects together with new clients. But before that, on behalf of the whole company, I wish all clients and Forte friends a fantastic summer!

Marketing & communication

It has been a busy half year for our marketing and communication team. During the winter and spring, we have hosted three breakfast seminars, launched new insight reports and worked purposefully to tell our story in the market.

We have had more than 1000 people registered for our events, had great growth in our following across our channels and good visibility in some of the country's largest newspapers. The autumn of 2022 will also be a busy period with more news and events from Forte Digital.

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  • On September 7, we invite you to a breakfast seminar with our technology department. The agenda of the seminar is digital platforms and how architecture can create business value.
  • On October 12, we will host the Relevance Conference for the fifth year in a row. Here you will meet some of the country's leading speakers and experts in technology, digitalisation and business development
  • This year we are also partners at the Oslo Business Forum. Visit us on our stand there 21-22. September.
  • This winter, Dagens Næringsliv named Forte Digital the Gazelle winner for Region East as proof that we are Norway's fastest growing consulting house. It was both humbling and surprising. Watch a video of the surprise below (In Norwegian).

New people to Forte Digital

We continue to attract the best people in the industry. This means not only that we get a strong professional environment in the company, but also that our clients get access to some of the country's leading technologists, designers and consultants. Since January, we have welcomed almost 50 new colleagues in Forte Digital. In August, we also have the pleasure of welcoming 19 new employees to the company.

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New clients to Forte Digital

It is also nice to see that several new clients choose Forte Digital as their growth partner. We are working on several assignments for the airline Norwegian, Bertel O. Steen and several new clients in retail and e-commerce. It is inspiring to see that new clients share our passion for data-driven customer experience, platform strategy and long-term partnership.

In addition, we achieve good results together with our existing clients. Both Farmasiet and NorgesGruppen - two of our largest clients in e-commerce - have this year launched new services in the market. NorgesGruppen's climate and diet insight is one of these.

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Farmasiet's e-commerce platform, provided by Forte Digital, has made it possible for the online pharmacy to now experiment with new technology at the same time as the solution converts as expected. Both direct traffic and the conversion rate have increased by 50 percent from 2021 to 2022. The platform has made it possible for Farmasiet to experiment with artificial intelligence in marketing. Compared to insight-based product recommendations, recommendations using artificial intelligence perform 233 percent better.


In May 2022, we started Forte Digital in Germany. The goal is to recreate the success and the way we already work with our clients, through interdisciplinary teams in long-term partnerships also in the German market.

Forte Digital in Germany will be led by Joachim Bader (left) and Christof Zahneissen (right). Both have a long career in the consulting industry and point to our way of working with clients as crucial to the Germany investment. I am sure that this expansion will also contribute to creating good synergies across Norway, Poland and Germany - and that this will benefit clients and our employees.

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New office

In June, we moved into our new office premises in Wergelandsveien in Oslo. Forte Digital is and has always been a company where our employees are our most important value. It is a workplace where we work every day purposefully to create a unique culture while we build a professional environment our employees thrive in.

We have planned for the office to reflect our values: Competence, autonomy, openness, generosity and cooperation. We will live up to these values ​​and cultivate them in Forte Home. We are looking forward to the continuation!

Happy summer from all of us at Forte Digital!

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